Contests are for fun!

Contests at the Nevermore Jazz Ball are all about throwing down, dancing to the music, inspiring one another, and having a good time. We will have several dance contests throughout the weekend, including a Jack & Jill Contest, a Partner Dance Battle, a Barrlehousin’ Slow Dance Contest and two free-to-enter contests: St. Louis Shag and the Nevermore Challenge. Read below for contest registration and descriptions. Contests are open to all weekend and dance pass holders regardless of professional status or prior winnings/experience.

Contest Registration

Online contest registration is now closed as of Tuesday 11/4, but you can still sign up at the door as long as space allows!

Jack & Jill Contest

In this classic jack and jill contest you will be paired up with a series of random partners in the prelims to be judged on your ability to
lead and follow in a way that is both creative and musical. Contest finalists will be paired up with yet another random partner, who they will compete with for the duration of the finals.

Partner Dance Battle

In this contest you will enter with a partner of your choosing for a preliminary round. This contest places a high emphasis on individual personality, and your ability as partners to draw from a wide range of early jazz and swing dances and styles.  The finalists will face off in a battle-style finale. Register yourself and a partner-$20 is the total fee per couple.

Barrelhousin’ Slow Dance Contest

This is all about getting down at slower tempo. Enter with a partner of your choosing. The contest will begin as a giant all-skate and judges will eliminate couples until only couple is left. Register yourself and a partner-$20 is the total fee per couple.

St. Louis Shag Contest

Free to enter & no pre-registration needed! This new contest is the only St. Louis Shag contest in the world! Designed to pay tribute to the original St. Louis dancers, while also highlighting this unique dance’s resurgence, you will enter with a partner and battle in a jam circle format.

The Nevermore Challenge

Free to enter & no pre-registration needed! What has become a Nevermore Jazz Ball tradition, the Nevermore Challenge will test your leading and following skills like never before, and sometimes to quite hilarious effect. Be sure to attend the Saturday night late night. There is no entry fee for this contest.