Dance Classes

For workshop schedule, class topics and descriptions, go to Weekend Schedule

A word about classes at the Nevermore Jazz Ball: in the spirit of welcoming diverse perspectives and individual styles, getting out of your usual comfort zone, and embracing the new & different, classes at Nevermore are "try-it" style, meaning you'll have exposure to some great bread & butter lindy hop, some traditional jazz, and other various vernacular styles. Between classes for weekend pass holders and our public Community Dance Day classes, you're invited to explore. Please meet the incredible artists who will be providing instruction! 


Workshops & featured Instrcutors

We are thrilled to welcome Dee Daniels Locke, Laura Keat, Joshua McLean, and Adam Brozowski as our featured instructors for this year! Ryan Calloway and Jon Tigert will also be joining the staff as guest teachers. If you purchase a full-weekend pass, you will have a chance to take classes in lindy hop, solo jazz, and more with these instructors.

Beginner Track - Crash Course!

If you're new to swing dancing, you can learn the basics at Nevermore by signing up for our Beginner Track! This package includes entrance to the Friday night main dance with Miss Jubilee, 4 hours of workshops on Saturday, and entrance to the Saturday night dance with the Michael Gamble & the Rhythm Serenaders Orchestra!

Free Dance Classes at the Cherokee Street Jazz Crawl

Take a class in swing, bop, tap, or breaking on Saturday. Visit the Jazz Crawl Page to see the location and time of the classes.