Want to come enjoy all the festivities at the Nevermore Jazz Ball, but you don’t know how to dance yet? Need a refresher on your basics? The Fast Track Beginner Pack is for you! This pass grants you access to a full day of introductory classes with the illustrious Jon Tigert and Mandy Spencer¬†as well as admission to the Saturday night dance with Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns and the Saturday late night dance with live music! All this can be yours for just $60.

You do not need any prior dance experience to join the beginner track, and you do not need to bring a partner. The classes will start with the most basic of basics and will progress throughout the day at a rate that is just right–comfortable enough that you won’t be overwhelmed, but exciting enough that you’ll be ready to dance come nighttime.

Sign up for your Fast Track Pack here! Space will be limited so get ‘em now!

Please note: If you hold a full weekend pass already, you may still join in the beginner track classes. However, those who hold beginner track passes will not be able to access classes in other tracks due to space constraints.