Festival Info

Here's where you'll find the info you need to find your way around Nevermore, including SCHEDULE, VENUES, and HOTEL.


Nevermore events will begin on Thursday, November 1 with a main dance every evening Thursday-Sunday, late night dances on Friday and Saturday nights, and workshops on Saturday and Sunday. Click below to see schedule, including workshop and venue information!


There is one official contest at Nevermore this year - a partner battle contest that will take place with prelims on Friday night, second band break, finals at the Saturday Late Night. There is one unofficial contest during the first band break of the Friday late night - the Nevermore Challenge. Enter if you dare!


We are proud to feature several beautiful, historically significant local venues in St. Louis City. Most venues will be near Cherokee Street Business District, with the exception of Boo Cat Club on Sunday night. Having a car or carpool is helpful, or plan to use Lyft or taxis! 

What’s This JAzz Crawl Thing All About?

The Jazz Crawl will take place during a long lunch break (and second afternoon set) on Saturday, November 3rd. There will be bands in shops, cafes, and businesses up and down Cherokee Street. If you can, support the venues by buying food, drinks, or other goods, and tip the bands! Wander and enjoy this beautiful day of music.

Getting Around STL

The event hotel for the weekend is Hotel Avyan. For getting around St. Louis, we recommend carpooling wherever possible. Lyft and Uber both operate in St. Louis, as do traditional taxis. The Metro system has two lines (a great way to get from the airport to the city) and buses.