Cherokee Street Jazz Crawl


Free Dance Classes

12:00 pm Learn to Swing Dance

1:00 pm Footsweeps and Grooves with Martell Stepney

5:00 pm Learn the St. Louis Bop at Art Artist


Music 12:30- 3:30pm

  • Mat Wilson and friends at Retro 101

  • Miss Jubilee at Foam

  • Tommy Halloran at STL Hop Shop

  • Sweetie & Chase at Bespoke

  • Charles Charles & Knez Jakovac at Yaqui’s

  • St. Boogie Brass Band crawls Cherokee around 2:30 pm

Music 4:00-7:00pm

  • Lil’ Dylan and the All New Revue at Foam

  • St. Louis Bop Set Dance at Art Artist (starting 5pm)

  • The Gaslight Squares at Yaqui’s

  • Annie & the Fur Trappers at Propaganda