3-6 November 2016 | St. Louis, MO, USA

The Nevermore Jazz Ball

The Nevermore Jazz Ball is a one-of-a-kind celebration that features four nights of dancing to live music, two days of workshops, a jazz crawl with live bands on Cherokee Street, vintage vendors, crazy contests, and lots of St. Louis goodness. Now back for its 6th year, the Nevermore Jazz Ball has grown to be a dancer’s, musician’s, and fun-lover’s favorite. This year we’re bringing you a line-up that’s sure to please!


Registration opens Tuesday, July 5th at 7pm CST! We sell out every year, so plan to buy your tickets early! New this year, we have *more party passes available!* We’re so glad, because this means more people can come enjoy the event. We’re selling the same number (200) of full-weekend passes as last year. For those who want to enjoy the workshops, get your tickets early! For those who want to party it up and enjoy more free time to explore St. Louis in the daytimes, rejoice! We have more dance-only passes available than ever before, but there is a limit to the madness, so again…be ready and sign up early!

Nevermore Jazz Ball 2016 Registration

Opening Tuesday, July 5, 7pm cst

2016 Pricing

FULL WEEKEND PASSES include all dances and live music as well as all workshops with our super instructors. The best value, if you want to do the whole she-bang! We have 200 full weekend passes available; they will sell out quickly.

First 40: $125

Next 80: $145

Final 80: $165

PARTY PASSES (aka Dance-Only Passes) include all of the dances and of course the Cherokee Street Jazz Crawl. No classes are included with this pass.

First 50: $89

After that: $99

The Nitty Gritty (Registration Policies)



2016 Music Line-Up Coming Soon!

We believe in music! Nevermore is just as much about the musicians as it is about the dancers. The Nevermore Jazz Ball is committed to bringing you a one-of-a-kind musical experience with an emphasis on featuring our magnificent local talent. We ice this sweet, locally-grown musical cake with a special guest band of hand-picked musicians from around the nation. We’re pretty sure you’re gonna like this.



Our 2016 instructor line-up will be posted here soon, but here’s a hint for now: we’ve got some Nevermore favorites and some Nevermore newcomers, the best-of-the-best from the USA and abroad.


Here’s a big picture schedule to help you plan. We’ll be adding details as registration draws closer and of course, a fully detailed schedule will be available here prior to and throughout the event. For now, though, may we suggest that you plan to make a long weekend out of this? The Sunday party has historically been the legendary one, so get here early and stay in town if you can swing it (get it…?)!

Thursday, 3 November

Welcome Party with Live Music!

Friday, 4 November

Daytime: Explore St. Louis! City Museum, food, drinks, architecture, etc.Main Dance Party with Live Music
Late Night Party with Live Music

Saturday, 5 November

Daytime Workshops

The Cherokee Street Jazz Crawl

Main Dance Party with Live Music

Late Night Party with Live Music

Sunday, 6 November

Daytime Workshops

Closing Party with Live Music


Classes. We will have them. You will learn a lot. A word about classes at the Nevermore Jazz Ball: in the spirit of welcoming diverse perspectives, getting out of your usual comfort zone, and embracing the new & different, classes at Nevermore are “try-it” style, meaning you’ll have exposure to some great bread & butter lindy hop, some traditional jazz, and other various vernacular styles. Come with an open mind!

Class Schedule and Descriptions TBA, y’all.


2016 Venues coming soon! Featuring some unique historic spots and eclectic neighborhood vibes.

Travel & Hotels

Getting Around STL: St. Louis has Uber and traditional taxis. There are buses and two metro lines that are safe and run well, but public transit is not super extensive.  A car (or a friend with a car!) can be helpful, and bicycles are great if you’re comfortable getting around that way.

Hotels & Lodging: Be sure to make plans for your lodging while you’re in St. Louis! There is no official event hotel for Nevermore and we know you all have different preferences when it comes to where you stay, but here are some ideas to get you started. Be sure to check out the Venues page to give you an idea of where you will need to go. *PLEASE NOTE*: These are just suggestions based on the same type of internet search you might do. We’re not endorsing a given hotel, just trying to make your life one step easier. Read reviews to learn more! In general, hotels in or near the neighborhoods surrounding downtown will be easily accesible to all venues. Don’t forget about Air B&B as well–there are some great options available!

Drury Inn at Forest Park

Moderate price; ~15 min. drive from all venues

Red Roof Inn near Forest Park

Cheapest! ~15 min. drive from all venues

St. Louis City Center Hotel

Pricier; located conveniently downtown

Hotel Ayvan

Near downtown, close to Cherokee Street

Cherokee Street Jazz Crawl

We are happy to expand the Cherokee Street Jazz Crawl at this year’s festival with MORE hours of live jazz, NEW free community dance classes, and more new businesses to showcase. Join us on Saturday November 7th, 12:30 pm to 7:00 pm for this free, open-to-the-public aspect of the event featuring St. Louis’ best jazz and swing musicians in Cherokee Street’s singular venues. You will find that the Jazz Crawl is an opportunity to do more dancing, simply sit and listen, enjoy a good meal, or a fine drink, and soak in the wonderful atmosphere that Cherokee Street offers! SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors: Lindy Hop St. Louis and The Regional Arts Commission.

Main Set 12:30-3:30pm

Brian Ryback & Friends at South City Art Supply | 1926 Cherokee
Tommy Halloran’s Guerrilla Swing at Retro 101 | 2303 Cherokee
Miss Jubilee at Foam Coffee & Beer | 3359 S. Jefferson
DJ Boogieman at STL Hop Shop | 2606 Cherokee
Wack-A-Doo at Fortune Teller Bar | 2639 Cherokee
Gateway Jazz Project at Bespoke Custom Tailor | 2650 Cherokee
Chloe Feoranzo & Mike Faltesek at MELT | 2712 Cherokee
Ethan Leinwand at Yaqui’s | 2728 Cherokee
The Sidemen at Art Bar | 2732 Cherokee
The Saint Boogie Brass Band up and down Cherokee
COMMUNITY DANCE DAY: Free Dance Classes at 2720 Cherokee

Second Set 4:00-7:00pm

All-Star Jazz Jam at Yaqui’s | 2728 Cherokee

Swing Dancing at Foam Coffee & Beer | 3359 S. Jefferson

Lagniappe (after party!) 8:00pm

St. Boogie Brass Band at Art Bar | 2732 Cherokee



The Nevermore Code

We take fun seriously at the Nevermore Jazz Ball, and this means if you want to join in, you agree and abide by certain ground rules. Many of these points go without saying, but we’re still going to say them, write them, and live by them. This policy may be updated, so be sure to keep yourself familiar with it.

Code of Conduct

Nevermore Values